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If anyone should wonder at the similarity - yes, jun_nights was and is my first account... one I did several mistakes with that made it hard for me to use it. I've got a logical mind (of sorts) and too much chaos makes it impossible for me to concentrate or use something. Which is annoying... and since I was unable to add more friends without unfriending some I found it far better to create a new one rather than struggle with what I had. If I've friended you twice... (on both accounts I mean... which may very well be the case) feel free to defriend me on that account (if you've got issues with amount of friends as I did...). Other than that...  On the upside - I've got only 3 messages on this one and have figured out lots that I did not know with my other account. Which is good I guess... as the chaos are far less.

I don't remember if I've written anything about this earlier - but - I'll just say it again. I won't cross post anything (except by accident) anywhere... and also won't post links ++ on facebook. Seriously - I've friended my mother... and the thought of her reading half of what I've read.... lets just say I'd rather not. Not that she's ever been interested in what I read (which may very well be what set of my main interest...) But still O_o - I'd much rather not. She's gotten better... but I still can't quite shake that 'You are not allowed to read Harry Potter because it is occult' things she told me until another friend of her told her differently. I grew up a Pentecostal... so I've probably still got some hang ups from it. (worst is regarding Israel... got really conflicting issues about the topic. Which makes it a non issue to me.). 


Which stands for MightyMenace - of which I am, at times. Mostly when I'm hyper (which rarely happens as it tires me out for days or weeks at a time... but still - have fond memories of poking (torturing) people. heheheeee), but, er, that was then. Mostly. I think. 
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