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Its not raining. 
Thats my first clue.
WHY isnt it raining? its BERGEN for goodness sake - the city KNOWN for its rain. And its NOT raining? WHY is the sun SHINING! I can't even REMEMBER when it last rained. Which means its been a WEEK without rain! Why is it so blasted cold that I'm considering heating my room at night (something I never do as my winter quilt is usually enough). Its like - I'm considering leaving my umbrella at home. At HOME! I mean - NO decent 'bergensar' will forget their umbrella or rain coat... whichever is preferred (I abhor rain clothing, they make those disgusting noises and feels awful against my skin... and rain boots... 'nough said. 

Its damn creepy. Seriously. Its bad enough to have rain all summer (a couple of years ago it did... every day for two or three months... and then the same with sun. I don't LIKE sunshine. It gets in my eyes and is all... icky (I'm a touch sensitive to light). It could at least snow a little - then the blasted cold would not feel so damn freezing. The worst part of it all is that the AIR gets polluted. Normally the rain cleans it... but I've already noticed that breathing is a bit disgusting. Its freaky and its annoying and I just want it to RAIN!... Not because I want to be outside, or that I want the snow, but because this is BERGEN, and the weather is completely wrong. Global warming anyone. Can't the politicians DO something about it instead of discussing who's at fault. EVERYONE is at fault and instead of buying those damns quotas they should give fabrics and such money to STOP polluting so much. As well as making it easier for people to take buses, trains and such so that far fewer will drive their own vehicles. 

I just... miss the normal weather. miss sitting in my living room, hearing the steady sounds of rain like thunder on my window. I even miss the snow turning into slush within a day... and then ice that puts everyone in danger and the news of broken bones due to it as people are unable to see where it is. (bloody dangerous that is... Bergen has NOT learned how to handle winter... no matter how much they claim otherwise. Even in the middle of city its difficult to walk as the slush makes one slip a couple of centimeter with every step.)... Where is my winter rain?
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