Dec. 11th, 2010

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There are a lot of rec list out there - but finding them is not always that easy... Which is why I'll post my two biggest ones. Unfortunately its so huge (with all the 'links within links' thing) that I rarely use them... But its absolutely recommended to check it out. The pages linked goes outside of the page... and there there may be other fandoms rec lists as well... (giving me a massive headache to be honest... even if I love the pages for it.)

I'll start with the SG-page - both SG1 and SGA lists here  

->here is one of my favs from that page:> - there are also numb3rs, star trek, andromeda... AU lists as well...

Harry Potter
I love this one as well - but as above-  i(its the same - check out the rest of the autors list... its - amazing in its complexity - I DON*T want to know how many hours/years has been used to create these lists...
 Link found within the recs of the above...
is one of my found list... absolutely brilliant... but - O_O - I don't have enough TIME to go trough them all. Both highly rec'ed (in the last one there are links to rec list from other people as well...

Any dead links - with the exception of and some other pages - one may be able to enter through the way back machine (google it - BUT the links needs to have been dead for at least 6 months or something like that - sometimes they are completely gone...) or through reocities or oocities (geocities had a shutdown a few years ago or something... not entirely sure. annoying as, er, something.) 


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