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Weird how fast thing changes. Suddenly I'm eating low carb high fat meals... and almost cried earlier today... cause I was hungry (kind of) and really did not want to make anything... also my lj friends number mean that I suddenly have to de-friend people...and Ive started to read Glee fiction. at least the music is good... too much drama for me...
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Weird how a single weekend can ruin a lot. I mean - I know he did not mean to - but last time I visited my step dad and mother I did not have a fun time. It was... the computer was glitching, my step dad refused to update some stuff (not mine - so there are admin stuff unlike on my own).... and I was just... tired of it.. Too much sound, too much... even had a fight with my mom of which ended with me having to listen to her telling me why she was sorry. (and no, I've nothing against that - just the amount of TIME she took... and the fact that I had no choice). This weekend.. Was supposed to go home several days ago... but couldn't... was like lead in my stomach - really not so fun.  Finally got here today.. and I wonder how long I'll manage to stay at church. It starts around seven... and ends around twelve... O_O - and I'm really not my best. Its... Haven't been for a long time. But I think I'm better... maybe. Can't tolerate very much though... which might make an issue. The huggie stuff is kind of annoying. Not hugs itself - but the fact that I prefer that I'M the one that hugs others. Other way can make me quite stressed. I've loaded my ipod, as well as my cell. I'm gonna bring the chargers just in case... 

I'm WAY too practical! I've got like almost everything I need in my purse!... Even got a pocket knife and matches - and I don't smoke!... water, umbrella, ladystuff, pain pills, other pills, 1 pair of socks, papers to read, a book to write in, two pencils (just in case), throat pastils, keys, bible, patches, hair stuff, sun glasses, a bag in case I don't want to wear my shoes or my jumper, lotion, purse, reflex... and I'm certain I've forgotten something or other. ... ah - my water.... and.. well - more at least. 

Weird how the weight add up. - at least I know I can go home if I really want to - saturday or not. I just... REALLY want to hear 'påskemorgen' this year - if we don't sing it tomorrow I'll buy it myself. (don't listen to the radio unless I can't avoid it.)....

Could probably change my name to 'miss just in case'.... cause... I like to bring stuff 'just in case'... Once I travelled to visit my aunt... for a weekend - a big suitcase for my clothes - my purse(with the aforementioned stuff+- some stuff), a backpack for stuff to do on the bus (a heavy one of which I used almost nothing)... and my computer... O_O so I've gotten better. (was a period when I brought my computer at work as well as a backpack and purse...)... Its... feel kind of panicky if I don't have what I feel I need. Not that I usually need most of it. 

Maybe a smaller purse would... ah - not - then I'd never get enough space for my umbrella... much less my note book and water... or the rest... hmm... 



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