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 For the time being I'm more active over at lj :) (there's way too many journals). http://junnights.livejournal.com/friends/ so... :) 
Seems DW has become the better option.. oh well. .. hopefully my lj friends and communities will join over here sooner or later.. 
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... If nothing else I know its a joke:) (.. obviously... its YLVIS after all... ). .. Will be interesting to see how many viewers it'll get...
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Weird how fast thing changes. Suddenly I'm eating low carb high fat meals... and almost cried earlier today... cause I was hungry (kind of) and really did not want to make anything... also my lj friends number mean that I suddenly have to de-friend people...and Ive started to read Glee fiction. at least the music is good... too much drama for me...
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Weird how a single weekend can ruin a lot. I mean - I know he did not mean to - but last time I visited my step dad and mother I did not have a fun time. It was... the computer was glitching, my step dad refused to update some stuff (not mine - so there are admin stuff unlike on my own).... and I was just... tired of it.. Too much sound, too much... even had a fight with my mom of which ended with me having to listen to her telling me why she was sorry. (and no, I've nothing against that - just the amount of TIME she took... and the fact that I had no choice). This weekend.. Was supposed to go home several days ago... but couldn't... was like lead in my stomach - really not so fun.  Finally got here today.. and I wonder how long I'll manage to stay at church. It starts around seven... and ends around twelve... O_O - and I'm really not my best. Its... Haven't been for a long time. But I think I'm better... maybe. Can't tolerate very much though... which might make an issue. The huggie stuff is kind of annoying. Not hugs itself - but the fact that I prefer that I'M the one that hugs others. Other way can make me quite stressed. I've loaded my ipod, as well as my cell. I'm gonna bring the chargers just in case... 

I'm WAY too practical! I've got like almost everything I need in my purse!... Even got a pocket knife and matches - and I don't smoke!... water, umbrella, ladystuff, pain pills, other pills, 1 pair of socks, papers to read, a book to write in, two pencils (just in case), throat pastils, keys, bible, patches, hair stuff, sun glasses, a bag in case I don't want to wear my shoes or my jumper, lotion, purse, reflex... and I'm certain I've forgotten something or other. ... ah - my water.... and.. well - more at least. 

Weird how the weight add up. - at least I know I can go home if I really want to - saturday or not. I just... REALLY want to hear 'påskemorgen' this year - if we don't sing it tomorrow I'll buy it myself. (don't listen to the radio unless I can't avoid it.)....

Could probably change my name to 'miss just in case'.... cause... I like to bring stuff 'just in case'... Once I travelled to visit my aunt... for a weekend - a big suitcase for my clothes - my purse(with the aforementioned stuff+- some stuff), a backpack for stuff to do on the bus (a heavy one of which I used almost nothing)... and my computer... O_O so I've gotten better. (was a period when I brought my computer at work as well as a backpack and purse...)... Its... feel kind of panicky if I don't have what I feel I need. Not that I usually need most of it. 

Maybe a smaller purse would... ah - not - then I'd never get enough space for my umbrella... much less my note book and water... or the rest... hmm... 



Jan. 10th, 2011 01:59 am
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Its an AU from 30 days. Just something that has teased my mind since I learned of the episode. Haven't seen the episode yet, and take a few author liberties... so - on with it.

Drabble Tom Paris

“You are
free to leave Mr. Paris.” Commander Chakotay had counted the days until the
blonde would be released. They had managed to build a slight friendship over
the years.

“Mr. Paris?”
The lack of reaction gave him a sense of wrongness. He placed his hand the thin
shoulder, the lost weight made him even more concerned. None of them liked
Leola Root.. but...

No reaction. There was absolutely no sign that
the other even noticed him being there. Worry started to gnaw at him. He’d
found the punishment unjust... just as every other crewmember had, but the lack
of movement was alarming.


The first
name made the head turned towards him. Unfortunately it did little to ease his
concern. The blue eyes were devoid of life and that scared him more than


In the end
it was nothing they could do. Neither the Doctor, nor Tuvok managed to salvage
the sanity of Tom Paris. A slight note in his medical record revealed that he
was claustrophobic and a recommendation to not leave him alone if in a small
space. Unfortunately it was too late. The brilliant pilot who had saved Voyager
so many times would be lucky if he managed to relearn to feed himself.


Within a
month the crew passed a vote of no confidence in Kathryn Janeway, and made
Commander Chakotay Captain of the ship. She would either be left on a passing
planet or be locked in her quarters for the remainder of the journey. If the
former Captain had allowed the first pilot a pad, if she had allowed him to see
or at least talk to someone this might have been avoided, but unfortunately she
allowed her anger to rule her common sense. Thereby destroying Thomas Eugene
Paris’s mind just as surely as lack of human interaction kills babies. Was it
worth it?

Dunno if it is possible - but the possibility is a bit chilling. Can't really see why the punishment was so hard.. he was trying to save a planet after all. I mean - seriously - even if it goes against the prime directive to interfere - would it not be even worse to allow them to destroy their own planet? ...(after reading a little more I discovered at it was more about the disobedience... but still. They did nothing about it thereby sanctioning the death of how many plants++...well...)  What do you think? about the theme and the drabble in general (mostly the drabble).
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 I got some codes from http://www.dreamwidth.org :) so - I'm just gonna post them here... If you want them - its yours for the taking. 



Hope that makes someones Christmas:)


er - please notify me when/if you take one so that I can delete this post when they're taken.. or something at least
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If anyone should wonder at the similarity - yes, jun_nights was and is my first account... one I did several mistakes with that made it hard for me to use it. I've got a logical mind (of sorts) and too much chaos makes it impossible for me to concentrate or use something. Which is annoying... and since I was unable to add more friends without unfriending some I found it far better to create a new one rather than struggle with what I had. If I've friended you twice... (on both accounts I mean... which may very well be the case) feel free to defriend me on that account (if you've got issues with amount of friends as I did...). Other than that...  On the upside - I've got only 3 messages on this one and have figured out lots that I did not know with my other account. Which is good I guess... as the chaos are far less.

I don't remember if I've written anything about this earlier - but - I'll just say it again. I won't cross post anything (except by accident) anywhere... and also won't post links ++ on facebook. Seriously - I've friended my mother... and the thought of her reading half of what I've read.... lets just say I'd rather not. Not that she's ever been interested in what I read (which may very well be what set of my main interest...) But still O_o - I'd much rather not. She's gotten better... but I still can't quite shake that 'You are not allowed to read Harry Potter because it is occult' things she told me until another friend of her told her differently. I grew up a Pentecostal... so I've probably still got some hang ups from it. (worst is regarding Israel... got really conflicting issues about the topic. Which makes it a non issue to me.). 


Which stands for MightyMenace - of which I am, at times. Mostly when I'm hyper (which rarely happens as it tires me out for days or weeks at a time... but still - have fond memories of poking (torturing) people. heheheeee), but, er, that was then. Mostly. I think. 
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There are a lot of rec list out there - but finding them is not always that easy... Which is why I'll post my two biggest ones. Unfortunately its so huge (with all the 'links within links' thing) that I rarely use them... But its absolutely recommended to check it out. The pages linked goes outside of the page... and there there may be other fandoms rec lists as well... (giving me a massive headache to be honest... even if I love the pages for it.)

I'll start with the SG-page - both SG1 and SGA lists here

->here is one of my favs from that page:> 
http://www.ratcreature.net/fannish_stuff/au_recs_sga.php#sga - there are also numb3rs, star trek, andromeda... AU lists as well...

Harry Potter
I love this one as well - but as above-  i(its the same - check out the rest of the autors list... its - amazing in its complexity - I DON*T want to know how many hours/years has been used to create these lists...
 Link found within the recs of the above...
is one of my found list... absolutely brilliant... but - O_O - I don't have enough TIME to go trough them all. Both highly rec'ed (in the last one there are links to rec list from other people as well...

Any dead links - with the exception of fanfiction.net and some other pages - one may be able to enter through the way back machine (google it - BUT the links needs to have been dead for at least 6 months or something like that - sometimes they are completely gone...) or through reocities or oocities (geocities had a shutdown a few years ago or something... not entirely sure. annoying as, er, something.) 
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Its weird how things changes. One day I'm here, and the next I forgot to do something again. Not on purpose of course. But that happens to. Last Friday I was awake... and all my boss said was (Tuesday) that she was glad I'd come... that they missed me at work. Normally I'm all about calling and such but... Sometimes I just want someone to yell at me, to tell me to shape up, to tell me that I need to do better.

I just... I get the whole 'she is autistic and therefore fragile' thing, but damn it, if it had been anyone but me, she (my boss) would have talked to me about it. I just... miss being treated normal. Of course, I do need some consideration... but damn it, its not like I'm VISIBLY affected by my handicap (except with the noises... and people... and smell... am WAY too sensitive at times...), except those I tell, or when I go to the club with other people of the same diagnosis... Its weird though... 

I'm special, but not damaged. I'm me, yet not. I want to be alone, except when I don't... I have trouble with changes... except when I know about them or/if initiate them. 

Sometimes I just want to be me again. Except I'm not, and have never been. I think. 
Who really knows. Just... 

I think I'm going to stop before I confuse myself.
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Its not raining. 
Thats my first clue.
WHY isnt it raining? its BERGEN for goodness sake - the city KNOWN for its rain. And its NOT raining? WHY is the sun SHINING! I can't even REMEMBER when it last rained. Which means its been a WEEK without rain! Why is it so blasted cold that I'm considering heating my room at night (something I never do as my winter quilt is usually enough). Its like - I'm considering leaving my umbrella at home. At HOME! I mean - NO decent 'bergensar' will forget their umbrella or rain coat... whichever is preferred (I abhor rain clothing, they make those disgusting noises and feels awful against my skin... and rain boots... 'nough said. 

Its damn creepy. Seriously. Its bad enough to have rain all summer (a couple of years ago it did... every day for two or three months... and then the same with sun. I don't LIKE sunshine. It gets in my eyes and is all... icky (I'm a touch sensitive to light). It could at least snow a little - then the blasted cold would not feel so damn freezing. The worst part of it all is that the AIR gets polluted. Normally the rain cleans it... but I've already noticed that breathing is a bit disgusting. Its freaky and its annoying and I just want it to RAIN!... Not because I want to be outside, or that I want the snow, but because this is BERGEN, and the weather is completely wrong. Global warming anyone. Can't the politicians DO something about it instead of discussing who's at fault. EVERYONE is at fault and instead of buying those damns quotas they should give fabrics and such money to STOP polluting so much. As well as making it easier for people to take buses, trains and such so that far fewer will drive their own vehicles. 

I just... miss the normal weather. miss sitting in my living room, hearing the steady sounds of rain like thunder on my window. I even miss the snow turning into slush within a day... and then ice that puts everyone in danger and the news of broken bones due to it as people are unable to see where it is. (bloody dangerous that is... Bergen has NOT learned how to handle winter... no matter how much they claim otherwise. Even in the middle of city its difficult to walk as the slush makes one slip a couple of centimeter with every step.)... Where is my winter rain?


Nov. 30th, 2010 08:38 am
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new journal - the other were totally full. Also new fandom - The O.C. Its quite interesting and I really like the series... which is kinda new. Normally I find the fandom better than the show... now... both are fun. as long as its last. I've never really noticed the whole 'post on facebook' thingie - but honestly? not my thing. I read so much stuff that I really don't want my mother to know about... (not that she is interested anyway) but the off chance that she'd read it? disturbo. Which is not of the fun (yes I've watched too much californian stuff). I might post some recs here sometime - I think. As long as I save it first. The whole 'dead link' things are SO not fun.

which stands for MightyMenace and is not similar in the LEAST to my real name. 
but thats fine
I think
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Well - welcome to myself:D THANKS FOR SENDING INVITE! hehe:D


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